Lets talk about the different types of campers and their camping equipment. From Flint to an LED Flashlight.

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Now that summer is on the horizon, you may be thinking about a lovely holiday that could be anywhere. With all the different places and activities to do and see, it can be hard to know where to start. From cruising along the Amalfi Coast to having a city break in Paris, the possibilities of you holiday making are endless and you may want to consider bringing an LED Flashlight and we’ll tell you why.

Have you ever considered that going camping could be a great holiday? No matter where you go, you can camp absolutely anywhere in the world, so is a great way to set up base, and can often be cheaper than a hotel.

Camping can often appeal to only the more outdoorsy holiday makers among you. If you envision yourself out in the woods, armed with nothing but a self made spear to hunt with and your trusty LED flashlight, then camping is most certainly for you.

However if you aren’t the outdoorsy type, camping can still be enjoyed, even if you are one of those people who prefer the comfort of a 5 star hotel to sleeping outside. You will still find that camping in nature is a wonderful way to connect with the world and ground yourself, especially if you are camping with the proper equipment.

LED Flashlight

Example of a high quality waterproof LED Flashlight (View Info)

There are two different kinds of campers based on this, and they are dependent on the person camping and their experience of previous adventures outdoors. There are those who love to bring as much comfort to their camping trip as possible, with big four bedroom tents, portable cookers, tonnes of dry shampoo, loads of lighters, and a whole cooler full of food that will last them throughout their camping experience.

LED Flashlight

Bright LED Flashlight

Then there are those that prefer the more rustic methods. Those who build their own fires using nothing but flint and wood, who enjoy making their own spears to hunt the local rabbits and fish for their dinner, who then proceed to cook them on a spit above the fire. Those who want no other protection from the elements than a cost blanket and the stars above them, those who love to hear the birds and the insects singing during all times of the day…

Whichever sort of camper you are, no doubt you will have a fantastic experience camping. But remember it is best to pack for the kind of camping trip you’re going to have and to take certain very important considerations into play, such as the length of stay, what you will need for the trip and the habitat and climate of your destination.

Also making sure you have always have a source of water is THE most important thing. So make sure you buy gallons of bottles water or if you are a true camper and don’t want to mess up the environment with plastic bottles buy yourself a water purifier. Very handy to have and fantastic to keep if you are a regular camper. So we know there’s two different ways of camping but what sort of equipment can these campers use? Lets take a look below.

For the more down to earth campers.

As we have already seen, there are loads of wonderful ways to camp, but when you are more a “I need nothing but the stars” camper you may fail to realize this is not actually the case. Whatever camper you are there are certain aspects and items you sadly cannot do without. So what are some good things to take camping when you want to pack the absolute bare minimum?

Well obviously you simply need to pack what is required for the basic requirements of living which are eating, sleeping and keeping warm. You obviously already know where you are going so in terms of clothes it is always best to dress for the occasion. If it’s going to be hot, take some light layers with you, as some hot countries are know to have their temperature drop at night. Whilst if you’re going to be camping out in the snow, we don’t need to tell you that despite you’re bare minimum rule you’re going to need to take LOTS of warm clothes with you. Also depending on your camping environment a tent is still probably going to be a must have.

There are some places where it is warm enough and probably better to take a hammock designed for campers. These are often made covered with mosquito nets and are perfect for camping in hot climates. If the climate isn’t going to be nice and warm then yes you’re going to have to take a tent and sleeping bags. However these don’t have to be fancy and just need to be a simple tent from a reliable brand.

As for food, depending on the poaching laws of your environment it is possible to hunt, but this is not a requirement for a rustic camper, indeed it is probably safer and easier to pack some per-cooked or tinned food that you know you can cook on the fire.

Again as for the absolute necessity, water can be got through buying a water purifier which is probably the most important piece of equipment to have on long camping trips, even if you do bring bottled water as well. However the second most important factor to cater for whilst camping is warmth. Every professional camper will know how to light a fire using nothing certain ancient methods to create one, but for those of you who aren’t so knowledgeable a flint kit is a great way to create a fire without resulting to modern lighting technology.

Elephant Necklaces are often worn while camping for good luck, check out our article on this topic by clicking here >>> Elephant Necklaces

You can then cook your food on your fire using a Dutch Oven, which is a great piece of camping equipment and is a more rustic alternative to a portable cooker or a BBQ. However one piece of modern equipment that is essential to have whilst camping is a LED flashlight. This is absolutely essential as it goes without saying that taking any fire near your tent is a very bad idea. So it doesn’t matter how down to earth or knowledgeable of camping you are, a LED flashlight is a great piece of equipment to have when it gets dark. So we have discussed the rather lovely ways of the rustic campers, now for a little information on our friends that we call the comfort campers. The comfort campers love to bring their home with them, and to make their camping trip as comfortable as physically possible. So what kind of comfort camping equipment would they like and need to take? Camping technology has developed wonderfully over the years providing to all the needs that a comfort camper could possibly have, so they have essentially taken the basic needs of man and upgraded them to luxuries five star hotels don’t even have. So how have they done this? For being comfortable when you sleep you can now buy tents that make your home look shabby, with separate sleeping areas for different people able to hold up to eight people (sometimes more), all included with off the ground camping beds more comfortable than the mattress they have at home. These camp beds are also covered with sleeping bags that are made from the warmest material. With such luxuries like these its no wonder that people go camping. You can now bring camping fridges, that allow you to store food throughout your stay, so no need to go to the local shop. The food that’s been stored in your camping fridge can now be cooked on a camping stove that makes Gordan Ramsays kitchen look inadequate. These stoves can be powered with electricity or by gas, so obviously finding a source for either of these when you are camping is going to be important. As for the essential fire (now just essential for the cosines of it rather than the need to cook) can now be lit with lighters and fire lighters, making it easy for you and your family to sit round the fire and fulfill all your marshmallow roasting dreams. You can find portable stoves, flint, multi-purpose camping devices at PemaDirect.com if you’re looking for some ideas or know exactly what you need you should check them out.

However to continue our discussion on LED flashlights, which now may look simple in comparison to the rest of the technology your backpack is packed to the brim with, are still very much essential to be able to see when it gets dark. What makes LED flashlights better in comparison to some other torches is that they tend to be highly powerful beauties.

Depending on the quality of the LED flashlight you will find that the battery will last for ages and that its probably one of the best pieces of equipment you have. A little boost of luxury to the LED flashlight is hanging a pretty little hanging led light in your tent. These are perfect for if you have to get up in the middle of the night and saves you fumbling around in the dark for your LED flashlight, as opposed to simply sitting up and switching on the hanging led camping light that’s above you.

They are also great for making your tent cosy, if you fancy reading on your marshmallow like camping bed. But an LED Flashlight is always good to have standing by in case its needed in the middle of the night. A lot of people enjoy wearing a Buddha Bracelet for positive energy but I’m more into a flashlight with purpose myself lol

So now that we have discussed the different ways of camping, which one do you feel that you are? We would love to know what you think of the different ways. Are you a rustic camper or a comfort camper? You could also send us pictures of you and your camping gear. We would like to say though, that the best kind of camping is a mixture of both rustic and comfort. Say have a lovely tent but use a Dutch Oven instead of fancy camping stove. Only have the stars above you, but make sure you have a LED flashlight. Also there aren’t just two ways of camping, there are hundreds of ways to make your camping trip enjoyable.

The importance is finding a balance between the two main types. Don’t go overboard with your camping techno gear as that does kind of defeat the point.

You want to be one with nature whilst camping not being distracted by all your equipment. Also turn off that phone! We aren’t saying don’t take one as that would be a bad idea in case there is an emergency, just hide it in your rucksack. The most enjoyable part of camping is getting to grips with the environment that surrounds you. It’s listening to sounds of nature, but does not necessarily mean you need to hunt it.

When traveling and camping we suggest using mail holding and forwarding services such as US Postal Service Change of Address online for temporary holding and mail management assistance.

Don’t go too bear either, as there are some modern luxuries that everyone needs, like having a phone for emergencies or an LED flashlight to see in the dark. Camping can also be a wonderful way to share an experience with your friends and family and get to know them better in a different place away from the modern worries of everyday life. Its a great way to sit down open a couple of beers and connect with yourself, the people in your life, and the nature around you. We hope that your camping trip is suited to you and that you properly research everything you will need before hand. Remember don’t just take beers, take as little or as much as you want into the depths of your home away from home. Going camping alone is also great for getting to know yourself in ways you never imagined, but if you are easily scared by isolation you can take your furry friend with you without having to pay extra for your dog to stay, and you won’t have to put them in a kennel whilst you are away because they are allowed to enjoy the camping trip just as much as you. Again we hope that you have a great break away and that you will tell us all about it with pictures and emails. If you thought this was a great post on the importance of different camping equipment then please share it with your friends and family, and be inspired together to go away and camp together!

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Elephant Necklace

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Good Luck Elephant Necklaces – Haven’t you hear? For Good Luck Wear an Elephant Necklace!

There is a long-held notion in the histories of various cultures that elephants bring good luck. It is common in some cultures around the world to keep elephant figurines at home or wear an elephant necklace and bracelets.

Elephant Necklace

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Apart from being a good luck charm, elephant necklaces are also believed to be a portrayal of strength, wisdom, stability, and power. Therefore, wearing a good luck elephant necklace is a reminder that you have a little luck whenever you go.

Elephant necklaces are becoming increasingly popular across the globe, and they are worn by many as a symbol of good luck. Elephants are globally admired because of intelligence, strength.

The elephants have the biggest brain among mammals, and they are capable of mastering some tricks and the use of tools because they also have a good memory. Unlike most animals, elephants have the capacity to express grief and show compassion.

The good luck element associated with elephant necklaces mainly originated from Asian cultures, which include the Hindu and Chinese Feng Shui. The Hindus who are largely found in India domesticated and used elephants in various socio-economic activities that included transportation, farming, and hauling of heavy objects.

Apart from being an animal of great use, the elephant was revered because the Hindus believed it was a representation of their god Ganesha. Ganesha is a god of blessings, luck, protection, and fortune among the Hindus, and this explains why elephant necklaces and figurines or bracelets are charms of good luck.

The Hindu god Indra, who is the leader of gods known as Devas and a patron god of Hindu warriors, is also associated with elephants because he is always depicted with his elephant Airavata.

Airavata is the sacred elephant, which guards the heavenly entry known as Syarga, and it is also the king of all the elephants according to Hindu mythology. It is also believed that Airavata has control over the clouds and rain.

Similarly, the Chinese people believe that the elephants symbolize luck, strength, and wisdom. In the Feng Shui system of beliefs that mainly govern Chinese architectural and landscaping design figurines of elephants or statues are often placed in certain locations of the house such as the doorways and shelves to make sure that there is the longevity of positive energy and good luck.

The Thai people also revere elephants, and they have shrines for the sacred elephant known as Erawan – the equal to Hindu’s Airavata. Erawan is depicted as a three-headed elephant, which appeared on the Laos’ flag between 1952 and 1975. In Bangkok, the Thai people have created sacred elephant shrines where they go to pray for good fortune and luck.

Wearing an elephant necklace or keeping one at home or a figurine of the elephant can bring you good luck, ward off negative energy, and stimulate good luck and positive energy in the people around you by warding off bad luck.

The symbolism and meaning of the elephant necklace imply that wearing one can also enhance your power and strength in addition to being a lucky charm.

Interestingly, you do not have to wear such elephant necklaces to attract luck into your home. You could simply hang the necklace by your doorway. It is a common superstition in some Asian cultures that hanging an elephant necklace facing the door can help in bringing luck into the home.

It is believed that if such a necklace is hanging on your doorway while facing the entrance, it will also ensure that only good fortune gains access into to your home while all negative energy and bad luck are kept out.

The same applies for elephant figurines and pictures that are meant to bring luck into the home. Elephant necklaces and other elephant items are also believed to bring success, longevity, and knowledge into private homes when they are hanged in entrances to private residences.

Hanging elephant necklaces on the doorways of your business can also help in attracting good luck to your business. A large number of business people in Asia often have such necklaces or elephant figurines that are hanged by the entrance to their premises of activities.

The business owners believe that by hanging such items on the doorways to their business brings wisdom and stability to the business and thereby serving as a protection to the company against ill fortune.

Should the Elephant’s Trunk on the Pendant Face Up or down?

The pendants of your elephant necklaces can be made from various materials and different designs and colors. But there are slight variations on the elephant’s features that also have some form of symbolism about luck. The question as to whether the trunk of the elephant should be facing down or up on your pendant so as to bring luck is often debatable.

Differing opinions exist on and some say that an upward facing trunk can bring more luck because it can shower luck to all around it just like an elephant does when squirting out water through its trunk.

There is a widespread belief that an upward facing trunk brings luck than a downward facing trunk, which could be even very unlucky for anyone wearing the elephant necklace.

However, there are a few people that believe that downward facing trunk allows good fortune to flow naturally and freely on the paths of everyone that moves along it.

Everyone needs luck! Go for an elephant necklace today and get yourself some luck and protection against misfortunes that could negatively affect your life.

Whether you choose to wear the elephant necklace as a conventional necklace or an item to hang on your doorways and entries to private homes and businesses, the choice is all yours.

There are many materials and colors to choose from, and any choice can serve you well if it suits your taste. However, the choice as to whether the trunk on your pendant should be upward or downward facing is a matter of opinion that you will have to decide.

LED Flashlights Specs

LED Flashlights Specs

Mini LED Flashlight ZOOM 7W CREE 2000LM Waterproof Lanterna LED 3 Modes Zoomable Torch AA 14500 battery Flashlight Linterna led

LED Flashlight
Lumen: 2000
Charger: Rechargeable
Body Material: Aluminum Alloy
Light Source: LED Bulbs
Adjustable Beam: Yes
Wattage: 7
Battery Type: AA
Certification: CE,EMC,FCC,LVD,RoHS,SAA,UL
Waterproof: Yes
Color: Black
Lighting Distance: 100-200 m
Switch Mode: High/Middle/Low
Support Dimmer: 2-4 files
Function: Shock Resistant
Model of LED: Beads Q5
Focal Length: Adjustable
Flashlight Type: Mini flashlight
Model Number: LED Flashlight
Brand Name: Asign

LED Flashlights Waterproof LED Flashlights Quality LED Flashlights Mini-LED-Flashlight-ZOOM-7W-CREE-2000LM-Waterproof-LED-light-3-Modes-Zoomable-LED-Torch-AA-2.jpg_640x640 Mini-LED-Flashlight-ZOOM-7W-CREE-2000LM-Waterproof-LED-light-3-Modes-Zoomable-LED-Torch-AA-4.jpg_640x640 HTB1dq2ZJpXXXXXWXFXXq6xXFXXXH

LED Flashlight

Example of a high quality waterproof LED Flashlight


Why Do You Need An EIN To Work Online From The Campsite

Why Do You Need An EIN To Work Online From The Campsite

4 Tips When Working Online at a Campground

Want to travel the world and still generate an income? Now you really can do both. Staying at a campground provides you with a comfortable base to explore natural landscapes and historic cities — and you can work online in the great outdoors. In fact, all you need is a laptop and internet connection and you’ll be good to go. Here are some pro tips for working from a campground.

1. Turn your campground into an office

Contemporary campsites often have Wifi access, providing you with a speedy internet connection so you can contact clients, get paid for your work and answer emails. If you are starting a new business when on the road, you will need to apply for an IRS EIN, which is used to identify a business entity. You can apply for a number online; the process is simple. This is a free service offered by the Internal Revenue Service and you should get your EIN instantly.

As we said before you may also want to consider and LED Flashlight anytime you’re camping for a lot of reasons explained in detail earlier.

2. Don’t get distracted

If you are working online, you will need to organize your day and find a quiet spot on the campground where you can do your work. As campgrounds attract tourists and are often hubs of activity, you can easily be distracted, so ensure you plan ahead. Some campsites have quiet internet cafes or inside spaces where you can turn your laptop on and get down to work. Alternatively, travel to a cafe or diner in the nearest town and city to do your work online.

3. Recognize your responsibilities

Although you are no longer in the office, you will still have important duties when working online. Therefore, keep any important documents in a safe place and make sure you have a fully charged cell phone so you can network with contacts and communicate with customers. Some campsites may lack adequate phone reception, so you’ll need to do your research and find the best ground for you. Alternatively, you can use a pay phone to conduct your business.

4. Invest in your business

You will still need to advertise your business or services when staying at a campsite in order to receive the same amount of work that you used to have. Contact your clients and let them know you are traveling but will still be able to take on important projects. Make it clear that you will still be able to communicate as frequently as before and even though your circumstances have changed, you are still capable of meeting deadlines and working under pressure. If you are starting a new business, you might want to invest in digital marketing to increase the visibility of your services online.

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