3 Tips You Need To Know Before You Send Mail to a CampgroundĀ 

Today’s contemporary campgrounds offer all the home comforts that you might expect from an upscale hotel or luxurious guest house. From bars to baths, campgrounds provide access to modern amenities whenever you need them. However, sending mail to a campground can still be a tricky business, especially if you want to ensure your recipient receives your letter on time. Here are some tips on how to send mail to a campground that you need to hear about.

1. Send it to a local mailbox

If your recipient has set up a mailbox, you can send letters, packages and parcels in the post quickly without breaking a sweat. Renting a local mailbox can be expensive, and it might not be viewed as a legal address though letters will arrive promptly and handled correctly. It’s also pretty easy to set up, with many companies offering this service for a fee. However, bear in mind, your recipient might not check their mailbox on a regular basis, so if you need to send an urgent communication, making a phone call might be the most convenient method. There are local mailboxes around the country, with some just a stone’s throw away from campgrounds. If your recipient hasn’t set up a mailbox, this might be something they want to think about.

change of address

2. Send it via a professional mail forwarding service

Ask your recipient if they have mail forwarding, rather than you trying to find out the site, location and number of the camp plot. With mail forwarding, you just send your letter to your recipient’s regular address and it will be forwarded to the camp site. This is also useful if your recipient wants to receive regular mail without having to make a change of address when they are in a campground for a short period of time. Your recipient will be able to have their mail forwarded from their regular home address to a campground for a set amount of time (up to several months) for a fee. Again, many companies offer this service; check online to see who is the cheapest and most reliable.

3. Send it directly to the campground

Some campgrounds don’t allow you to send mail, so it’s always best to check beforehand. Also, a campground might not ensure security and privacy, so do your research. Sending mail directly to a campsite address is the preferred option for many people. Your recipient will be able to go to the front desk or reception area and pick up any letters and packages.